Tap Titans 2 Bot

Play 24/7

Bot will never get tired. It will do its job again and again until you stop it.

Any build

Bot was tested with all main builds: Shadow Clone (SC), Heavenly Strike (HS), Clan Ship (CS) and Pet build

All skills

Bot can be configured how and when to cast the skills

Auto switch head gear

Bot will change head gear based on your best hero type

Specify max time before prestige

Set maximum time per prestige cycle (in minutes)

Level up skills

Choose which skills to level to maximum and which to keep at level 1

Multi-cast Spells

If configured, bot will multi-cast Fire Sword and War Cry - new from game version 5.3.0

Solo Raid Mode

Bot can play solo raids. It will detect Titan type and only attack the parts needed to kill it. To enter solo raid mode go to Configuration and click on Start Solo Raid. Then go to Clan and click bot's Start button. Bot will start solo raiding - this can take up to 1h to kill as many titans as the bot can. If the bot fails to kill a titan it will retry again and again.

Please enable Raid Retry in game settings - Solo Raids need it

Watch a video of the bot playing Solo Raids

Raid helper

For Clan and Solo Raid - Tell the bot which Titan parts to attack. You can change your selection and target different body parts



zorobots.com - Tap Titans 2 Configuration

In the top 2 rows (Unlock Skill and Level to Max), under each skill you can select if that skill will be used. Unlock Skill specifies that you want the skill to keep that skill at level 1. Level to Max will will do what it says - you want that skill at Max level.


Next 3 rows specify skills usage. They are: Cast Mana>50%, Cast Mana>75% and Cast always.

Under each skill you can specify to use it when with over 50%, 75% mana, or to always cast it when available.


In the bottom you will find:

Prestige enabled - If the bot should prestige if it cannot kill boss or when enough time has passed

Level up BOS - Check if you want bot to level up Book of Shadows after Prestige

Delay skills after fairy - If checked, bot will not use skills for several seconds after fairy is detected and clicked (This is to conserve mana, if you rely on skills being activated from fairies)

Wait for full mana before casting - If enabled, bot will wait until mana is full and then enable casting. Casting skills checkboxes will apply, if a skill is not selected it will never will be cast. At certain stages this can be useful for pushing if you cannot afford to have all skills active all the time

Auto switch headgear - Check this to change helm based on your top dps hero. Gear will be checked after new hero is bought.
Important - bot will only equip locked headgear. You should always lock the equipment you want to keep and wear.

Multi-cast spell - With this option enabled bot will multi-cast War Cry and Fire Sword. The respective skill must be unlocked and leveled up for multi-cast to work.

Discover new Artifacts - Bot will try to discover new artifacts when it has farmed enough relics. Useful for Abyssal tournament where you start with no artifacts. At the start of the Abyssal Tournament set prestige time to 2 - 5 minutes and leave it running for an hour so bot can unlock artifacts. Then you can increase the prestige time to 6-10 minutes. Leave it for another couple of hours and then increase prestige time again so bot can push further

Prestige minutes - Specify period in minutes after which the bot will prestige (if prestige is enabled)

Prestige now - Click this button to force prestige. Prestige must be enabled.


Raid helper

zorobots.com - Tap Titans 2 Raid Helper Configuration

1. Select which body parts to attack

2. Button all parts will select all body parts

3. Click Start raid clicking

Bot will attack the selected body parts.

4. You can change selected parts. Click any part you want the bot to target or stop attacking.

5. When attack is over, click Stop raid clicking

Watch short video featuring Raid Helper


Recommended Game Settings

For better experience with bot, please set Tap Titans 2 configuration values to be like in the images.

zorobots.com - Tap Titans 2 Recommended Settings zorobots.com - Tap Titans 2 Recommended Power Options

Sword Master and Players set to MAX

You must manually complete the first prestige (first 30 min of new account). Bot needs all panels unlocked to function. You can use Raid Helper (from Config screen) to tap for you

Please set game language to English. This is the only supported in-game language and its needed to detect game state properly

Watch a short video with the bot playing Tap Titans 2

For more info visit zorobots.com