Grow Castle Bot

Play 24/7

Our bot will play battles over and over. You will gain many levels, experience, gold and diamonds. It will never get tired or bored.

Upgrades Castle and Archers

Bot will spend gold to upgrade castle and archers so you can progress further. Without upgrading, you will reach a level that you cannot beat, and bot will repeat it over and over. With upgrading enabled you will be able to reach higher waves. Even if you fail to beat a wave several times, with the accumulated gold and upgrades you will retry it stronger and stronger until you beat it.

Upgrade Castle Towers

From the Config you can select which tower you want the bot to upgrade. Castle Towers are very powerful and can be upgraded using Diamonds. With every win you get +1 Diamond and they will cap at 60 and any excess diamonds will be lost, so it is always good to select which castle tower to upgrade. Select "None" to disable (and save the diamonds).

Farm Boss Items

Bot can be configured which items to keep and what to sell. Check configuration section in this page.

Solve puzzle - Grow Castle Puzzle Grow Castle features anti-bot captcha. On average after every 30 fights you will be presented with a puzzle to solve. It must be completed to continue game. Currently bot has ~30% average success rate on solving the puzzle. Just be patient. On big unlucky streaks it may take some time until the puzzle is solved.

Configuraton - Grow Castle Config

Upgrade castle - select and bot will spend gold to upgrade castle walls (more HP)

Upgrade archers - if selected bot upgrade castle archers. This is the main source of damage

Try to solve puzzle - select if you want bot to auto solve puzzles. If not enabled, bot will stop when puzzle is encountered

Sell A items - When in boss fight mode, bot will sell A items for materials (instead of collecting them)

Sell S items - Same as above, but for S items

Upgrade Castle Cannon - select which cannon you want to be upgrades. None to disable if you are saving Diamonds

Game Mode - Select where the bot will fight. You can choose Waves to progress, or to fight specific boss for item drops

Help - Load this help page in browser

OK - Save config

Cancel - close config window without saving

You can use your PC as normal while the bot is playing the game

You can work or play other games while the bot is running. You can also launch several bots on the same PC.

The game does not need to be on focus, you can cover it with other windows, do work or anything else. Just dont minimize the game.

Here is a video with the bot playing Grow Castle

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