Rush Royale Bot

Play 24/7

Bot will play the game for you, repeating the selected game mode over and over. This produces alot of ingame gold so you will always have enough when legendary hero appears in the shop.

There is also Random game mode - bot will randomly choose and play Co-op or PvP

Be wealthy and strong, easy and fast

Once in a while legendary cards will appear in shop. They cost 40k gold. Its always good to have 40k gold saved in case legendary card appears, but that amount of gold is not easy to get. You will probably need to farm 2 days to have 40k gold saved. With the bot's help you will always have gold saved and you will never miss to buy legendary cards from shop. You will have all your cards upgraded and lots of excess gold.

Bot will summon new heroes and merge existing ones. Again and again.

Configuraton - Rush Royale Configuration

Game mode

First select desired game mode or "random"

Merge Dryad with

If you have Dryad in your deck, select what unit you want Dryad to merge with

Merge Harley with

Check each card you want Harlequin to copy. Select one or two cards or none if you do not have Harlequin in the deck

Mana Powerup

Check which cards you want to be upgraded with mana

Cards are counted from left to right. Leftmost card is 1 and rightmost is 5

Merge Dryad with Dryad

Select this if you want to merge pairs of Dryads to increase their rank. This has lower priority. Bot will try to merge Dryad with the selected card first

For PvP a good deck must have area damage or multi target card. Have one or two dps cards selected for upgrade and leave the rest at level 1 and use support cards in those slots

For Co-op you can play with 1-2 dps or with full support deck (and let your partner do all the damage). Example support deck is Shaman/Harlequin/Summoner/Mimic/*

Friends co-op battles.

You can play co-op with friends. You can also play with another account on the same machine. To start 2 bots you will need 2 zorobots licenses. You will either send, or accept the invite.

To send invite - go to friends, open config, select index from 1 to 5 (1 is top, 2 is second and so on) and click Set friend.

To accept invite - when he invitation dialog pops from top, click Set friend from config

You can use your PC as normal while the bot is playing the game

You can work or play other games while the bot is running. You can also launch several bots on the same PC.

The game does not need to be on focus, you can cover it with other windows, do work or anything else. Just dont minimize the game.

Watch it or leave it, come back after some time and enjoy the spoils. You will become rich and powerful.

Recommended for Co-op

To farm money in Co-op mode we recommend a team of 1 or 2 dps and the rest filled with support units.

Example: Thunderer / Shaman / Dryad / Summoner / Harlequin. You can swap Thunderer for Corsair or Engineer, they all work well.

Watch a short video with the bot playing Rush Royale

And here is demo video with the bot playing PVP