Days Bygone Bot

This is the Days Bygone bot help page. Here you will find info on bot's features, supported game modes, settings and general tips

Play 24/7

Select game mode and hit Start, bot will repeat the task over and over, endlessly and relentlessly. Bot will perform rewinds and upgrade stats. It can also farm Hero Tickets, Fragments, Keys and Items (hunt mode)

Game Modes

Days - bot will progress days and rewind after the specified time has passed. Select this mode to collect tickes to summon and upgrade heroes. Use this mode to farm rewinds count.

Dungeon - will enter highest possible dungeon floor and farm keys. If you are not strong enough to play that level endlessly, then manually enter the floor you desire and then start the bot

Expedition - 5 options: Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell and Nightmare. Select difficulty to farm for fragments

Hunt (manual select) - Hunt mode will kill bosses over and over and collect items. Process will stop when your inventory is full. For this mode you must first manually select the boss and enter battle. Start the bot once you are in the boss fight

Configuration - Days Bygone Configuration

First input Rewind minutes. When "Days" game mode is selected, bot will rewind and start over when it returns after battle. This setting has no effect for game modes other than "Days"

Rewind enabled - if checked bot will perform rewind in "Days" game mode. If not, bot will not perform rewinds and will try to push past your maximum days

Day 68 rewind farming - Bot will rewind as many times as possible and then fight until it detects day 68 has passed and then rewind again. This is very useful for fast rewind farming. With this setup its normal to get 2 rewinds per minute. Rewind Enabled must be checked

Here is a video showing Rewind Farming in Days Bygone

Upgrade stats - if enabled, bot will upgrade Damage, Agility, Health, Knockback, Critical Chance, Critical Damage and Projectiles

Upgrade devastation - if checked, bot will upgrade stat Devastation

Upgrade gold - if checked, bot will upgrade stat Gold

Help - will load this help page in browser window


In the beginning of the game, first 300 days, we found that the bot will perform better with bouncing weapon equipped (like Boomerang). It is worth to spend some weapon crates until you acquire and equip bouncing weapon

This only applies for the beginning part of the game. Once you are stronger your heroes will do most of the damage and you can use any weapon you like

If you cannot endlessly farm your maximum dungeon level, then manually select lower level, enter it and click Start. Bot will now farm that level

For expedition farming, we found that its most profitable to farm for fragments once you can reach minute 4 in Hell. Before that, we suggest you to farm in Days mode to progress and upgrade heroes

For Hunt mode, select the boss you want, enter the fight and Start the bot there. Bot will repeat same fight over and over until you have no more room for items. Be sure to check bot after 10-20 minutes and sell any equipment you dont need to free space. Increasing item limit with rubies will make more room available for items

Watch demo video with bot playing Days Bygone

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