Stick Wars 2 Bot

This is the Stick Wars 2 bot help page. Here you will find general info on bot's features, supported game modes, settings and tips

In Stick Wars 2 you are commanding an army and fighting against the opposing force. You start with several small units and then collect more to merge and upgrade them. The game features more then 20 unique troops to collect and upgrade.

Farm Gold

Stick Wars 2 Bot will fight over and over and collect gold for you. With that gold you will recruit and upgrade units faster and become stronger. Be sure to come back ever now and then to upgrade your units with the gold collected.

Free spins

When the wheel bonus is ready, bot will spin it and collect the rewards.

In-game ads

Every now and then the game will force you to watch an Ad. Bot will try to close it and continue. But since there are many different commercials for each country, sometimes the bot will not be able to close the Ad and will need manual intervention to continue. If this happens you will have to manually close the ad and start the bot again.

Watch demo video with bot playing Days Bygone

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